We want you to succeed

Setting up your own business can be daunting. But being an ICSP is a little different. Running your own business as an Independent CX Service Provider is not like running a lone business. Our success and your success are connected. We want you to succeed.

That’s why we will be providing you with a wealth of FREE professional advice and materials to help you with Marketing CX and its benefits, and targeting new clients to use CX.

These materials will be available for you to access in the Members’ area as soon as you become a certified ICSP. Just log in as an Authorized ICSP and you’ll find all the help you could possibly need.

There are three different sections.

Facebook Ad templates wtih titles and captions.

Email message templates to send to prospective new CX clients.

Banner Ads.

What ICSPs will see in the Member’s Area

1. Facebook Ads - titles and captions

The most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook is also an exceptional way to reach people. You can send interactive information to people you are connected to quickly, cheaply and you can target specific groups of people.

We have created several different ads. Each one has a short but specific title which is used to draw in your target, a related image to capture attention and a short note to maintain interest and attract click-throughs.

University students and migrant workers are a primary target for CX. Students will welcome a payment system that is secure, cash-free, hassle-free and, best of all, free of transfer fees. Migrant workers regularly send money back to their homeland to support their family and incur large transfer fees every time. This group will see the greatest benefit from converting to CX – it will save migrant workers and their family a lot of money.

With simple instructions you can use these templates to create your own Facebook ads in your preferred language and send them to connected friends, friends of friends and new friends.

2. Email Templates

Personal emails are a very successful method of targeting established leads – people who have already shown an interest in CX. In this case you can send one of these email templates to give them more information and highlight further benefits.

The email subjects cover several key points:

  • What is CX and the benefits of using CX in everyday life.
  • The role of an ICSP (and why they are so great for people who want to use CX).
  • How to create a CXSA (CX Storage Account).
  • Benefits of using an ICSP’s service.

Some of these email templates come in 2 versions:

  • Long – for those who like detail and take time to consider decisions.
  • Short – for those with short attention spans – so just the most important facts.

Here you can use your knowledge about the people you are targeting - by tailoring the correct email to the right people.

The better you know someone, the better your targeted email marketing will be. This mirrors your relationship with CX users – the better you know them the more help you will be to them the more they will want to use your service the more money you will be able to earn.

3. Banner Ads

These are designed to be short and sweet. A striking image and a punchy line are all that is needed to draw people in. These templates can be used on webpages for interested parties to click through. These can then be added to your mailing or call lists.

Banner ads are another proven method of gathering interested parties. It makes your job easier to explain the advantages of CX and demonstrate how becoming a CX user can improve their lives.

4. Facebook Group

Social media is a great method to keep in touch, meet other ICSPs, exchange ideas and to learn from others the best ways to promote the benefits of using CX to new and existing clients.

We will have a dedicated private Facebook group which is accessible only to our authorized ICSPs where you will be able to discuss anything and everything pertaining to CROiNX (CX) and how it is working in practice, in the real world.

We will provide relevant information to you here first and this will be the hub of support when you need help or advice. We will also provide updates on marketing materials, any new programs or amendments to existing programs, and a comprehensive library of training materials for you to access at any time, including answers to your questions.

Become an ICSP now and start earning a regular income - simply by embracing this next-generation digital transaction system and helping others to do so as well!

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