Save Money Everytime You Use CX To Transfer Funds & Earn Money Everytime You Help Others To Save

Become an Independent CX Service Provider now!

Be part of the money revolution.

The birth of CROiNX (CX) will revolutionise many lives. Be there from the start, and use this simple, smart and secure Transactions Settlement Software to help others BUY, SELL or TRANSFER FUNDS across international borders.

With the CX digital payment system there are absolutely no transfer fees when you move your funds from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

And, unlike other digital currencies, there is no daily limit when you wish to sell CX through Croinx Systems for US Dollars, or any other major currency.

Join the millions of people who will be using CX to make their lives simpler and easier. Help them save and help yourself earn!

Successful Submission To Become An ICSP

Anyone, male or female can apply. It’s free!

Free CX Storage Account From Croinx Systems

Croinx Systems is the sole global service provider authorized by CROiNX Systems™ to manage all transactions in CX between CX account holders.

Croinx Systems App On Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Or just a few taps on your computer. You are now ready to enter the CX world of opportunities as an ICSP!

What exactly is an ICSP?

An ICSP is anyone of legal age, male or female, who has been authorized and approved by CROiNX Systems™, the creator of CX, to act as an Independent CX Service Provider (ICSP).

We want you to benefit from the growth and efficiency of this superior method of money transactions. The appeal of zero-fee transfers and secure cashless transactions is obvious, and easy to communicate to family and friends.

If you become an ICSP, then transacting in CX and growing the CX community can earn you a steady and sustainable income.

An ICSP's aim is to:

  • Actively spread the word about CX.
  • Help people understand the benefits.
  • Encourage CX usage.
An ICSP's rewards are:

  • Commission of 7.5% of each new client’s initial CX account opening balance.
  • Commission of 2% for all additional purchases of CX by existing clients.
  • If a client wants to buy or sell CX, on the spot, you can act as their service provider and earn a mutually-agreed markup or markdown on the transaction. Or charge a flat fee for the convenient service you as an ICSP can provide.

Become an Independent CX Service Provider now!

ICSPs help themselves when they help their community!

ICSPs earn when they help people buy and use CX.
ICSPs earn when they help shops accept payments in CX.
ICSPs earn when they help supermarkets accept payments in CX.
ICSPs earn when they help taxi drivers get and use CX.
ICSPs earn when they help online businesses accept CX.

What exactly is CROiNX?

CX is a triple-encrypted Software that can be used to pay anyone in any currency anywhere in the world in less than five minutes. There is no cost to you for the transfer. And there is no cost to the receiver.

Why CX?

CROiNX Systems™, the creator of CX, has used TriCrypta Technology to make CX a secure transactions settlements software with multicurrency features. This makes CX an ideal “digital currency” in a changing global environment where more and more people are moving to safer paperless and cashless transactions.

Other digital “monies” like cryptocurrencies have become speculative and highly unstable. They are the plaything of the rich, the speculator and the dreamer – and there is no safety net in place.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, CX is the only secure transaction software that has a buyback guarantee in US Dollars, or any other major world currency. With no daily limits!

Sales of CX can be credited into a bank account in your chosen currency or collected as cash at all Western Union and Money Gram outlets throughout the world.

Get your free CX Storage Account from Croinx Systems now.

Beware of anyone offering you - or your clients - a CX Storage Account (CXSA)! Only CX held in a Storage Account with Croinx Systems will be considered authentic CX and can be sold anytime through Croinx Systems for payment in any major currency of your choice.


CX is the only transactions software, with multicurrency features, that can instantly and easily be sold through Croinx Systems for USD or other world currencies.


All CX holders automatically get a free CX Storage Account (CXSA). This helps with fast authentication and eliminates the costs and risks of having to use unreliable third-party storage services or digital wallets.


CX is the only transaction software that deploys TriCrypta TechnologyTM to ensure the security of CX transactions and the safety of CX Storage Accounts.


CX offers both online and real world merchants the lowest cost per transaction compared to any other payment method like credit cards, debit cards, direct bank account debits, telegraphic transfers or p2p payments.